The Countess of Wolf's Bane

"My last thought was that the rumors were true and I had fallen prey to a subtle demon in innocent apparel. Frowning, she took her left index finger and gently swiped at the blood.  Then, to my horror, she raised it to her lips."

It started with a mysterious woman and a drawing.

That's the novel(ish) way of saying I was at work several years ago and kept seeing the same woman over and over again, and any time I interacted with her she spoke very little.

There was just something about her I found intriguing, and that's pretty much all it took for my imagination to concoct a tale about a sphinxlike woman exiled from her world for bearing the the burden of the guilty only to mask the real story.

The Countess of Wolf's Bane is a fantasy epic with a touch of humor to lighten the mood.

I am currently in the revising phase of my first draft.

You can follow my writing journey on my blog page.


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