Researching and Writing

This is a blog page for my writing journey of my first fantasy novel:

The Countess of Wolf's Bane.

Feel free to follow along. I'll post updates and maybe even some snippets of what's going on in the world I've created. 

  • DreamingTabitha

Today my MC will find the elusive bowl of rice. Will it unlock the secret to the mysterious OTHER MC?

Hopefully it does before work starts today.


  • DreamingTabitha

While I whipped out over 300 words on day one of this writing journey, I did not in fact throw my MC into jail. Sometimes I forget just how many words need to be written before I get to the actual main drive of the scene.

But that's okay. Those are 300 words I don't need to write again and only pushes me closer to the goal.

Today I'll be lucky if I can get him to ask for an important bowl of rice.

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  • DreamingTabitha

My coffee is cold.

And it's nearly gone.


I decided to create a writing blog to keep up with my book, The Countess of Wolf's Bane, which is a great way to warm up the fingers before I head to the folder containing the Word document that I have been working on for nearly 7 years.

Remember: motivation doesn't breed work; work breeds motivation.

Today I WILL throw my MC in jail so help me.

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